David Bowie's song, "The Bewlay Brothers", was about the shutting down of the sixties in another dimension. This is about the queen of the sun sending her knight-errant to reopen them. Or something.


Old man, cold man
Last unforetold man
New man, blue man
Our favorite tried and true man
Apeman, jape man
Always changing shape man
Why have you come?
Why have you come?

Free man, glee man
Body-building he-man
Frog man, bog man
Sitting on a log man
Starman, bar man
Blew his mind out in a car man
Why have you come?
Why have you come?


Ride ride love
Ride ride love
Inside love
Bye bye love

I blinked - all the stars were spinning
I blinked - the winds blew cold
I blinked - we thought we were winning
I blinked - my sons grew old

(instrumental break)

Late man, great man
Interstellar fate man
Gunman, sun man
Our troubles are undone man
Egg man, peg man
Dancing on one leg man
Now they have come
Now they have come
Now they have come


from Pop Down The Years (electronic music for the mind and body), released February 14, 2009
Written and arranged by Knox Bronson
Additional arranging and all percussion by Shoji Kameda
Backing vocals by Angie Harnell



all rights reserved


Knox Bronson Oakland, California

Find here my musical work: vocal, orchestral, electronic, acoustic. And my musical work is me.

So ... welcome.

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