Time had stopped when I pulled in here
Strange town full of ghosts
People I hated and people I feared
And people I loved I miss the most
Dark came down as I hit the ground
I was back in the bordertown
Spinning fading in the dimming time
All my loves and all my crimes

I've been drinking sweet sweet brandy
Laughter crashing
The darkness calls
Take me over the smooth dark waters
Take me darling
Before I fall

Heatwave glow in the timeless sun
This strange air rippling light
I can't go back what's done is done
Gotta make the other side tonight
Flow these tears on the veiled years
But I don't need your second sight
For memory burns and run I must
To a glass of fog and a shot of dust


Warm swarm ocean blue
Everything is lost
You found somebody new
Sun fade I loved you
Broken window, the ghost-eye stare
Laughing at the loser, the only one who cared
A hurt so great, he didn't want to hate
Drank like crazy just to elevate
His heart past the plane of unbearable fate.

(Chorus twice)
Second time:

I've been dreaming I've been drinking
I've been laughing
The midnight calls
And I have heard the angels weeping
And I still
Must have it all




all rights reserved


Knox Bronson Oakland, California

Find here my musical work: vocal, orchestral, electronic, acoustic. And my musical work is me.

So ... welcome.

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